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New Jersey Singles Reviews 8 Topics to Keep Her Interested

Even if you have the looks of George Clooney, the fancy designer suits that stun, or an expensive shiny car, if you can’t keep a woman interested, you’ll lose her to a man who can. Women love themselves a nice chat, and they crave a guy who can give them that.

It is through conversation that a woman gets to know you and how you think. This is how she’ll determine if she wants to be with you. And, of course, you can’t even ask her for her number if you don’t talk to her. This is why conversation skills are so important.

single women in colts neck

The Art of Conversation

If you’ve been on a first date or have approached women before, you’re familiar with how painfully awkward it can be to talk to a woman for the first time. It’s for this reason that you need to have a few conversation topics lined up so you’re prepared.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews simple ways to keep the conversation going with a woman you’re interested in.

  1. How Your Day Went

This is an easy opener to a good conversation. Do not let it end with “Just fine” or “Quite good.” You can follow by asking her if anything interesting happened during her day. If she mentions anything interesting, try prying into it to keep the conversation going. But do not pry into personal topics that could scare her away. Just don’t let the conversation die out by not following up with any other questions when she mentions something interesting.

  1. Hobbies & Interests

Asking her what she does in her spare time is a good way to look for things the two of you have in common. Pointing out commonalities is the most casual way to make a connection with her. Maybe you each enjoy running, traveling, or reading books by the same author, so this is a great way to connect.

  1. Art, Music, Movies, Books

Another great way to keep the conversation flowing is to talk about art, music, movies, and books. Like hobbies, talking about these things is a great way to get to know each other. However, don’t just limit yourself to your favorite bands or authors. You can go further by talking about which of these inspires her in her life. From favorite movies to favorite books, everything will give you insight to her life.

  1. Traveling

Most people enjoy traveling, and women often do more traveling than men. Talking about these places you’ve each explored can make for some very interesting conversation. Ask her about her most memorable places she’s been in her travels. Trust us, she won’t get tired of talking about this topic.

  1. Food & Drinks

Everyone enjoys a delicious drink and a hearty meal, and some are a little more passionate than others. But nonetheless, everyone has their own favorite food joint or family recipe they love to brag about. If you’re clever enough, you can guide this topic and turn it into your next date.

  1. Passions, Dreams, & Inspirations

Start off by asking her about her position at work. Then ask her if she’s saving money for something. Is she planning to stay where she’s at or work up the career ladder? Everyone loves talking about their passions and inspirations. If you ask her this, it will show her that you’re genuinely interested in more than the physical. It will let her know that you’re curious about what makes her tick.

  1. Relationships in General

Talking about relationships doesn’t mean asking her about her ex or talking about sex. Relationship talk is a quick way to get a woman down for conversation. They love to talk about romance and love in general, so use it to your advantage. This will also help you gauge whether she’s serious about dating or just casually scoping the scene.

  1. Family

Family is a safe topic of conversation. You can ask her how her family is, how many siblings she has, and if she’s close to them. You can also talk about favorite childhood memories, her hometown, where she grew up, and her school life.

Besides a good listener, a woman is also charmed by a guy who knows how to keep the conversation going. Men should take note of these eight easy topics of conversation to keep the conversation fun and interesting. If you want to keep her interested in you, then you need to spark a connection and build a bond together through conversation.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Holiday Struggles for Singles

If you’re going to see your family for the holidays, then you’re very fortunate because many people work too far away and can’t make the trip.  If you happen to be single, you already know that Christmas parties with family are a bit of a struggle.  Yes, you love your family but don’t like being bombarded with questions about your single status.  But beyond that, there are also a few things you have to deal with when you go over to your family’s house for Christmas.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews a few challenges of spending the holiday with your family.

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1. Traveling is expensive & a little bit stressful.

If you happen to live far away from your family, then chances are you’re going to have to take public transportation.  When you finally get there, you’re going to want to take a nap.  But, no, you can’t because your mom and dad are excited to see you and want to chitchat the day away.  You’re already down and out about your single status, and now you’re tired too.

2. You’ll have to answer questions about your single life.

Ah, the questions—the number one challenge of spending the holidays with your family when you happen to be single.  If you’re taken, no one asks you anything about your love life.  Unfortunately when you’re single, your mom, dad, and Aunt Susie want to know why you’re in your 30s and single.  There’s no way to avoid those much-dreaded questions about your romantic life or lack thereof.

3. You get treated like a kid.

This could be a wonderful thing since everyone in the world loves being pampered by their parents.  But when they start asking where you’re going at night and what time you’ll be back, this can turn sour quickly.  The truth is, you’ll never really be a grown up in their eyes.  It’s a tough thing to remember, especially around the holidays when you’re trying to escape everyone’s desire to know about your non-existent dating life.

4. Your parents will guilt trip you.

Every parent’s superpower is guilt tripping their son or daughter.  No matter how good you are to them, they have a way of making you feel like you’ve done something wrong.  Maybe one of them will bring up the fact that you’re single but never visit them.  Maybe they’ll be harping you about not giving them the grandchild they so desperately want.  Either way, they’ll just try or guilt trip at some point during your holiday stay at their place.

5. Someone inevitably brings up an ex of yours.

What happened to Mary or John?  They used to come with you to the holiday parties all the time.  The Christmas party was going great until nosy Aunt Lucia ruined the mood.  In an ideal word, they would have forgotten about your ex.  But unfortunately for you, well, they never forget anything when it comes to your love life.

6. Everyone fights for your time.

If you have a big family, then chances are you’re going to be talking to every single one of them.  That also means going to multiple locations and staying at different places.  Because no one has seen you in a while, everyone fights for your time, which leaves you feeling exhausted.

7. Figuring out what to get them is nearly impossible.

What do you give the people who are your number one supporters in life?  Not only will all the gifts in the world not be enough, but if you do get them, they’ll leave you broke.  Plus, shopping for mom and dad is always harder than it seems.  Well, we guess it’s the thought that counts, right?

8. Knowing the vacation will soon come to an end is sad.

Although you might complain about nosy Aunt Lucia prying in your dating life, you never want to leave once you get there.  Being able to spend time with the people you love the most is really the best gift in the world—a gift that not many people have.  So all you can do is say bye and look forward to the next time you see them again.

We know that you’re dreading those awkward moments and dreaded questions from your family over Christmas.  But don’t worry, because you can do it up decently this year.  You can now tell your nosy Aunt Lucia that you joined the best matchmaking service in New Jersey, New Jersey Singles.  You can head out to your family gatherings with a little pep in your step this holiday knowing that you’re giving yourself the gift of love this year.

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