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New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Rules for Dating a Single Father

Let’s face it, dating is hard enough on its own.  When you bring single parents, their former partners, and their children into the picture, things take a turn for the worst.  However, this doesn’t mean that every single dad you meet is off limits.  Absolutely not, you just need to know the rules for dating success.  Luckily for you, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers have the single dad dating rules you must follow.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the must-know tips for dating a single dad.

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1. Always Be Realistic

You might be used to dating men who spend all their free time with you, but you’re in for a change when you date a single father.  You must realize that things will be a little different with a single father.  His children will always come first, and it needs to be that way.  Try not to let this get to you because that’s the only way it will work.

Also remember that a single dad has more expenses to cover, so don’t get angry if he can’t spend money on extravagant dates or has to cancel last minute because his children got sick.

2. Don’t Overstep

Because his children are important to him, they need to be important to you.  But be careful not to overstep.  If he is divorced and not widowed, then chances are their mother is still in the picture.  Trying to get very involved in their lives and set rules for the children too early on can quickly backfire on you.  Let the relationship with his children progress naturally, and don’t rush anything along or overstep your boundaries.

3. Always Be Yourself

When it comes to dating, you should always be yourself, but it’s especially true when dating a single father.  If you are not comfortable or familiar with children, don’t act like you are.  If he is a keeper, he’ll understand and teach you.  Don’t pretend that you’re a kid lover if you’ve never once been around kids or they make you feel awkward and uncomfortable.  They will probably be able to tell if you’re putting on an act, which will come back to bite you in the end.

4. Jealousy Will Come In

We’re not talking about you.  With single dads, there are many different people involved in his life.  His children might get jealous because dad is spending time with you.  His ex might get jealous that you’re spending time in their own home, around their children.  And, yes, you might get jealous, too, when he has to cancel dates to spend time with his children.  If you’re going to make this relationship work, you must realize this a norm when dating a single dad.

5. You Might Have Different Ideas About the Future

Whether or not you’re a single parent yourself, you might each have your own views and goals for the future.  You need to be open and honest with each other and communicate your intentions clearly from the get-go.

6. Have Fun

While dating anyone can be stressful, dating a single father can be overwhelming at times.  To make it easier all around, try to have fun.  Don’t forget to slow down a little and enjoy the time you have with each other.  His life is stressful enough, so make sure you don’t add to the stress but rather bring joy and happiness to his life.

Whether you’re a single father or single mother, never feel like dating is out the picture for you just because you’re a single parent.  As you can see, dating as a single parent can be tough but it doesn’t have to be as long as you’re dating an understanding man or woman with kindness and patience.  And if you don’t have kids but are dating a single parent, it’s your job to show your understanding to make the relationship work.

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