New Jersey Singles Coaches | 10 Surprisingly Simple Tips to Improve Your Relationship

Making changes in a relationship can be intimidating and tough, especially when the two of you have been together for a long time and you both have demanding schedules. Our New Jersey Singles coaches know it is not uncommon for couples to fall into a routine and realize that something needs to change. This is when both partners must man up and realize their relationship takes efforts and dedication.

If not, once apathy is in the picture, and you neglect your relationship and your partner, you will start drifting apart, and that’s when our New Jersey Singles coaches know things can go sour quickly. It will impact everything in your life, even the way you perform at work and how you feel every day.

You don’t want a dark cloud following you, do you? You don’t want to get angry every day you walk through the door or every morning when you wake up and see your partner next to you, right? Of course you don’t.

The good news for you is that our New Jersey Singles coaches are here to help you out with some surprisingly simple tips to improve your relationship. They don’t require a huge amount of effort, nor a lot of time. These are just simple, yet powerful things you can implement every day.

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Small Changes That Will Benefit Your Relationship

The key to a happy life is having a successful relationship. Today, our New Jersey Singles coaches will show you some simple changes you can start making today, surefire gestures that will have a huge impact on your relationship.

1. Show Your Partner Appreciation

The ability to show appreciation will go a long way in your relationship. When we feel appreciated, we go out of our way to please our partners. Many divorcees complain that the reason they left their marriage was because they were not appreciated enough.

Something as simple as showing up to your house with roses, taking your partner out to eat, or preparing their favorite meal at home will go a long way. But that’s not all we’re talking about, which takes us to our next point.

2. Say Thanks

For example, if your boyfriend or girlfriend made you a delicious cake for no reason at all, don’t just take it for granted. Instead, say something like, “Thanks for the cake. It was delicious.” Or if they cleaned up the whole house while you were at work, say something like, “Thanks for cleaning the house, I know it was your day off.” No matter what your partner does for you, you should always thank them for their efforts.

3. Say I Love You

Saying these magic little words will take you a long way with your partner, especially if you haven’t said it in a while. Whether it’s a text message, a phone call, or face to face, you should let your loved one know how much they mean to you.

4. Listen Instead of Talking

Fights are a normal thing in a relationship, but you should never let them get out of control. You need to make it a point to listen to what your partner has to say. This will let your partner know you’re making efforts to listen to them and work on the problem at hand.

5. Make Time for Them

Your partner is the most important person in your life, so you must give them the amount of time they deserve. Yes, we know that work can eat up most of your time, and by the time you get home, get undressed, prepare a meal, clean the litter boxes, or take Fido for a walk, you are most likely EXHAUSTED!

But it doesn’t matter how tired or busy you are, you should take some time to spend with your loved one. Whether it’s cuddling while watching a movie or going for a walk near the beach or park, make sure you dedicate time to your relationship.

6. Always Be Positive

Another thing you can do for your relationship that will have a huge impact is bringing positivity into your daily routines. Instead of always being grumpy, our matchmakers want you to try being positive and uplifting. We know you’ll be surprised how it will improve your day… AND your relationship!

7. Don’t Bring Outside Stress Home with You

Yes, everyone has stressful days, but you should not bring those external stresses into your home. Your boss might have rang you out for arriving late, or you might have been stuck in horrible traffic, but it doesn’t matter. You must try not to bring it home. No matter what happened to you, it isn’t your partner’s fault, so instead of being angry about it all evening, share what happened and quickly move on.

8. Walk More Often

The point here is to be healthier and fitter. Instead of always driving to the corner store, why not walk instead? Instead of parking near the front door of the office, park a little further so you can walk. The more you walk, the more calories you burn and the healthier you’ll become. This is very important, because the fitter you are, the more energy you’re going to have. Plus, it will help you feel better since you’re going to look better. And, hey, let’s face it, it’s going to make your partner more attracted to you too.

9. Put Technology Away

This is especially true during meal times. Be sure to put aside all your technology while you’re having dinner. Don’t let incoming text, work emails, or Facebook distract you from spending time with your loved one.

Talk to them about your day, learn about theirs, and just enjoy each other’s company. Implement this rule at home and while you are out to eat or spending quality time with one another.

10. Let Things Go

Instead of keeping things pinned up all the time, let them go. It doesn’t matter that your partner forgot to buy milk, and it certainly doesn’t matter that a wet towel is one the floor. Communicate with them and forget—this will surely improve your relationship.

Change is very exciting, and our New Jersey Singles coaches know it will definitely improve your relationship. As you can tell, it doesn’t have to be tremendous changes that take a huge amount of energy and efforts. Start with little changes every day and you’ll be surprised how far they go. Trust us, when you start doing these simple things, your relationship will become happier and healthier than ever.

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New Jersey Singles Dating Experts – 7 Things That Turn Your Dates Off

You don’t really know what to expect out of your first date. It could be the beginning of your new relationship or it could end up being a story shared on Facebook. First dates always provide potential for magic to happen, but there is also the chance you’ll be leaving grinding your teeth, wishing your waiter didn’t take so long to bring you your bill and get you out of there.

Almost everyone has experienced a dating horror story at one point or another. Maybe your date seemed really nice until she mentioned she destroyed every one of her ex’s car windows with a hammer. Maybe the guy you met seemed pretty cool, until he got into a scuffle with the taxi driver. Our New Jersey Singles dating experts are here to help you avoid dating disasters.

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Worst 1st Date Moves You Need to Avoid Making

There isn’t a magic rule book for what you should do on a first date; by all means, you need to do whatever works for you. However, from our experience in the NJ matchmaking industry, and many years of dating coaching, we know there are certain things you must avoid doing to prevent your first date from turning into a catastrophic disaster.

1. Showing up Late

No one likes to sit around waiting, especially someone you’re just going out with for the first time. When you show up late, it is already telling your date that you don’t care about them. And it doesn’t matter how confident a person is, they are going to feel like you are standing them up.

To avoid being late, we advise you to give yourself at least thirty minutes of leeway, which will allow for any type of emergency, whether you run into a little traffic or forget your wallet at home and have to quickly turn around.

If you feel that you’re going to be running late, you need to reach out to your date and let them know; otherwise, you’ll end up looking irresponsible and disrespectful.

2. Dressing Inappropriately

Don’t wear a fancy coat if you’re going to grab a few beers at a local bar. But don’t show up looking like you just ran a marathon either. Anything presentable will be okay, but get an idea of where you’re going and what is fitting. Guys, do not wear a ratty shirt, bacon stained jeans, or worn out shoes. Ladies, don’t dress in anything too revealing.

To avoid any mishaps with what you’re wearing, ask your date about the dress code or look it up online to be sure.

3. Filling Every Gap

Dead air doesn’t mean that something is wrong. It just means that your date is waiting for their turn so they can speak on a new topic. It is completely okay to have a little silence on dates.

Our New Jersey Singles dating experts encourage you to let the conversation flow at its natural speed instead of forcing it. Sometimes, when you try to force something, it ends up backfiring on you. You might end up talking too much and not letting your date get a word in. To remedy this, we suggest you ask open-ended questions. Let it flow from there and learn about your date.

4. Choosing the Wrong Dish

We know that you can order anything on the menu; after all, you’re out to eat and have every right to do so, but this tip right here is for those who aren’t the neatest eaters. If you’re wearing a crisp white shirt or a nice dress, it is a good idea to avoid foods that could splatter on them.

Our New Jersey Singles dating experts advise you to stay away from corn on the cob, pesto, wings, pasta, or anything that could end up sticking in your teeth or splattering on your outfit. Also, the first date is not the place to go on a gastronomy adventure filled with a platter of exotic foods. The last thing you need is to compete for who uses the bathroom first after those Thai chilies kick in!

5. Full Out Lies

This one is a no brainer, but yet many people still make this awful mistake. It’s one thing to conceal the truth and save it for when the two of you get to know each other better, but full out lying is a major no-no. Maybe you don’t think you’ll see them again and a few lies are okay, but what happens if you have common friends and you lied about everything in your life?

Besides, your date deserves the truth, because we know you wouldn’t like to get lied to, right? If you don’t want to discuss something, just say, “Can we talk about something else?” and change the subject politely.

6. A Bad Sense of Humor

It doesn’t matter if you think you are the newest up and coming comedian, don’t ever poke fun at your date. Don’t say things like women take too long to do their makeup or guys are meatheads. What happens if your date took hours getting ready or if the guy you’re with spends hours in the gym? To them, that won’t be much of a joke but rather an insult. Our New Jersey Singles dating experts encourage you to save those little jabs until the two of you get to know each other better.

7. Flirting Around

Not all first dates will be successful, and this is something we know; otherwise, life would be much easier. But just because your first date isn’t heading in the direction for success doesn’t mean you can flirt with the muscle head bartender or the hot blonde waitress.

Seriously, save the flirting for when the two of you are done with the date. Nothing will make you look more desperate or inconsiderate than blatantly flirting with someone else on your date.

It is possible that you have experienced one, or many, of these things while out on a first date. We want you to remember these dating no-no’s so you never make these mistakes again. By avoiding these dating blunders, you’ll have a successful first date and hopefully it will turn into a nice relationship.

If you’re not meeting the right singles on your own, contact our expert matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality partners who are a good fit for you!


New Jersey Singles Matchmakers Review Signs He’s a Keeper

Have you ever wondered if the man you’re dating is a keeper? Today, our matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles reviews 7 key signs the man you’re dating is a keeper.

When you are in the complicated dating world, you might ask yourself if you have found someone worthy of spending the rest of your life with. Women are constantly looking for a sign that he is the one, but that sign is definitely hard to figure out. Do you just feel it deep down or do you have to think really hard?


Signs the Man You’re Dating Is a Keeper

The truth is, knowing if a man is a keeper is totally up to you. The things that make a man a keeper change from woman to woman. But if you are in need of a simple guide for checking if the man you’re dating is someone worthy of staying or if you’re better off letting him go, we’ll let you in on 7 helpful signs that will tell you everything you need to know.

1. You Are Yourself in His Company

You don’t have to act like one of those high maintenance princesses when you are in his company. There isn’t a need to do yourself up with makeup every time you’re with him or act a certain way. Whatever you really are is how you are with him. And to top things off, you are very comfortable in his presence.

He knows what you look like when you wake up in the morning, he doesn’t mind seeing you in sweatpants and a T-shirt, he accepts the fact that you can fly off the handle from time to time. He knows your flaws and weaknesses and he still loves you. He has seen every side of you, and, regardless of it, he still loves you.

He respects your individuality, he treats you like a woman who has her own life, her own thoughts, and her own ideas. He doesn’t see you as an extension of himself or someone he can mold to become a better partner. He doesn’t try to control the way you act because he accepts you as you are.

He respects that you have your own interests and he genuinely supports you doing them. He doesn’t mind when you go out with your girls or when you just want to spend some time alone.

You can wear any outfit you want, watch any show you want, and behave how you want to behave without him judging you. Sure, he might voice his disappointments from time to time, but he knows that you always have the final say when it comes to the things you do. Our New Jersey matchmakers know that if you have found a man like this, you should never let him go.

2. You Have a Good Time Together

He doesn’t have to act like a comedian all the time, but his sense of humor makes you laugh. Even if the two of you are serious people, you have a good laugh here and there. Being together means being able to enjoy all the things in life and he is the one you can do that with.

3. You Can Talk to Him about Anything

The two of you can talk about any subject under the sun. You can talk to him about things he doesn’t particularly care for, but instead of not listening, he really does pay attention to what you have to say. He keeps an open-mind about everything, and you can share your opinions with him on any subject and he’s willing to listen to what you think. The way both of you communicate is very comfortable, and there is no feeling like what you have to say is going to turn into an argument.

4. You Handle Conflict the Right Way

When something goes wrong, he doesn’t put all the blame on you; instead, he sticks around and asks for help. Even if it was your fault that things went wrong, he’s still willing to talk to you about fixing the problem. For instance, if the two of you are having an argument about not spending enough time together, he doesn’t dismiss the problem and tell you that you’re being clingy. Instead, he is willing to come up with a solution. And he doesn’t just do it so the argument stops, he does it because he genuinely wants to find a middle ground and make you happy as well.

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5. He Handles Your Little Quirks

Whenever it’s that time of the month and you’re having your mood swings or when you’re under the weather, he is not the type to hide or avoid you. He is willing to put up with you and take care of you. He knows exactly what it takes to make you feel better and that’s exactly what he does. Whether it’s by making you laugh, preparing or bringing you good food, or just picking up simple medicine, he’s there to take care of you.

6. He Plans for the Future with You

He doesn’t treat you like you are just his girlfriend for the week, he is actually planning to be with you for the rest of his life. He might talk about his career, what kind of car the two of you will be driving, and what kind of house the two of you will buy. Regardless what he talks about, you are always included in his plans. With so many men finding it very difficult to commit, you know you have found yourself a keep when the man you’re with has plans with you for the future.

7. He Is Close to Your Friends & Family

Whenever you invite him to a family get together or a friend’s night out, he is at ease when talking to them. Your friends and family like him as well. He is able to keep a conversation with your father, he can talk to your brother or sister, and even chit chat with your best friends. He can make your girlfriends laugh. Your friends and family support your relationship, and they’re not saying it just to please you, they’re saying it because he’s a good guy.

If you still haven’t found your Mr. Right, contact our matchmaking professionals here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. Let us help you find your perfect match!


New Jersey Singles Reviews Their Ultimate Flirting Tips

Meeting and mingling with singles can be tough, but you’re in luck. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews some of their secrets to successful flirting!

Through your dating career you have probably asked many people for all different advice, right? And by now, you know that some of that advice was good, while other tips were downright wacky. If you happen to be new to the dating game and are looking to be successful when it comes to approaching and dating men, we have some helpful tips you’re going to want to know. Today, our New Jersey matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles review our favorite flirting tips, tips that actually work.


Always Be Yourself

One of the most important aspects of flirting with the opposite sex is always being yourself. A man will eventually see through you if you’re putting on an act in order to land him. We also want you to know that the way you flirt with him should reflect your personality. If you are shy, don’t try to be the complete opposite around him, and if you are more outgoing, then it’s okay to be a little more forward with your flirting techniques.

Make the Right Eye Contact

Eye contact is key in order to let a man know that you are into him. Your eyes can really help you send him the right signals. Don’t stare at him like you’re lost, but find a way to make the right eye contact, especially when he’s not expecting it. When the two of you lock eyes with each other, the flirting signals will be a lot more obvious and he should get the hint.

Use Your Smile

Smiling at a man isn’t going to win him over, but it’s definitely an important part of flirting and we want you to use it to your favor. You want to smile at him to let him know that you are interested, but most importantly, to let him know that you are an open and friendly woman. No man on this earth will ever go after a woman who seems cold and detached. Smile at him and he’s more than likely to make the first move.

Find Any Reason to Be Near Him

If you happen to be in a situation where you’re in close proximity to a man, try to get a little closer to him. Sit next to him at lunch, scooch in closer or lean in to talk to him. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know that getting close to a man is important; however, you don’t want to come off as pushy. Remember, everyone has their own personal space and you don’t want to cross those boundaries. Unless you know him very well, you don’t want to cross the line. Once again, if you do, you run the risk of coming across as too overbearing.

Create Small Talk

One way to show a man you have a thing for him is to create small talk. Don’t flood his ears with things that are irrelevant, but talk about interesting things and only for a few minutes. Talk about your day at work and ask him how his was. Making small talk will get you into his mind.

Give Him Sincere Compliments

Just like you, men love receiving compliments too. When it comes to giving a man a compliment, you don’t want to go to the extreme. Don’t compliment him on every item of clothing, every funny remark he makes, or every one of accomplish of his. Your compliment should always be genuine and come from your heart. If you really like the suit he’s wearing, it’s okay to let him know, or if that new hairstyle looks good on him, then go ahead and give him a compliment.

Show Your Curiosity

Along with small talk, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers also know it’s important to let him know you’re curiosity because it will let him know you’re interested. Ask him questions about himself or any question in general. Any man will easily pick up on the fact that you are trying to be curious about his life, which will let him know you are interested in him.


Show Your Playful Side

Laughing is a great way to break the ice with men. If you are able to get him laughing or you’re laughing at his jokes, the flirting environment will be less awkward for the two of you. Make jokes and try to get him to laugh; tell him a funny experience you had and make sure he reciprocates too. Being playful with him is a great way of showing him you have feelings for him.

Drop Subtle Hints

Okay, so you really want to take things up to the next level, but you are not at the point where you can ask him out on a date yet. This is the perfect time to drop subtle hints. Tell him there is a new restaurant that just opened in town and that you would love to go eat there. Or maybe you could mention there is a great comedian coming to town. By dropping subtle hints, he will hopefully pick up and take the lead.

Stay in Touch with Him

When the two of you are not physically near each other, this is where our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles know it’s important to stay in touch. If you have his number, then send him a text message to see how he’s doing. Casual contact will ensure you’re on his mind, even when you’re not together. Of course you don’t want to take it to the extreme either and bombard him with text messages; otherwise, he’ll get annoyed with you.


Dress Nicely

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to flirting. If you want a man to notice you, then know that your appearance plays an important role. Not only should you carry yourself with confidence, but you must also dress the part. Don’t show off so much that you don’t leave anything to the imagination, but don’t be too conservative either. A man will notice a nicely dressed woman who is confident in herself.

Be Touchy with Him

When you’re trying to flirt with a man and you get a sense that he’s feeling you as well, there is nothing wrong with being touchy feely. You don’t want to straight in for a kiss; however, you can grab his hand or touch his shoulder lightly. You can even put your hand on his leg, his forearm, or his back in a playful way. When things get physical, it’s important you don’t go overboard; otherwise, you might scare him away.

If you’re looking to meet quality men in New Jersey, contact our matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service. Let us transform your romantic life today!

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New Jersey Singles Complaints about Love & Dating 2014


Do you have your sights on an attractive and intriguing woman? Are you unsure how to go about getting her attention? If so, you must play your cards right. Today, the matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you how to get her to like you.

Have you been exchanging glances with a woman who seems to be interested in you? Life is great when a woman likes you back, and it can feel wonderful when the two of you start talking to one another. New Jersey Singles is here to make sure things continue down a great path for the two of you.

New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Get Her to Like You

Before the professional matchmakers from New Jersey Singles go into any further detail, you must know that not every woman is the same (and you wouldn’t be interested in this particular woman if she wasn’t different), but not every rule applies for every woman out there. With that being said, even though these rules are pretty standard, it’s up to you to use your best judgment with her. So let’s get to them and get you on your way to gaining her interest!


How to Make a Woman like You

1. Don’t smother her.

Understand that women like to be pursued by men, but not smothered. You never want to suffocate her with your love or come off as too eager or desperate. There is a thin line between pleasing a woman and behaving like a servant, and that line is one you don’t want to cross. If you do pursue her too eagerly, she will lose any respect she has for you.

2. Listen and respond.

The number one complaint women have about men is that they don’t listen. When a woman is talking, you must listen to what she is telling you. Don’t watch her mouth and wander off into La-La-Land, don’t stare at her chest and imagine what she would look like under those clothes, and do not be checking out other women if you’re out together. Really listen to what she’s telling you and give her an intelligent response.

3. Keep things real with her.

Be honest with yourself and with the intentions you have. When it comes to dating, New Jersey Singles knows that being honest is always the best policy. You can’t complain about women not being clear on what they want if you’re not being honest with your feelings as well.


4. Don’t be boring.

When it comes to dating and date ideas, you must think outside the box. If you want her to like you, you must do things fun and unexpected things. You want her to feel that anything is possible when she’s in your company. She’s probably been to hundreds of dinner and movies dates, so do a little research for interesting things to do in New Jersey, things that are out of the ordinary and memorable. There are hidden gems in every city, and there are plenty of things to do right here in NJ; you just have to be creative.

5. Don’t try too hard.

Don’t try so hard to be cool that she feels she cannot measure up to you. New Jersey Singles encourages you to be humble and modest around her. Women do not appreciate men who are arrogant and cocky, so showing a few flaws will make you more approachable and respectable in her eyes.

6. Cut down on the physical compliments.

The only time a physical compliment should be extended to a woman is when you first pick her up to go on a date. She has put a lot of efforts into her appearance and you should always acknowledge that. Tell her she looks beautiful in that dress, then stop. After that moment, all compliments should be general; otherwise, it will seem as though all you’re after is her body.


7. Give her a reason to remember you.

The thing about women is that you must stand out from the rest in order to make them like you. Make her feel like a million dollars when she’s in your company; treat her like a princess and don’t forget to be a gentleman… And this will take us to the next bullet point.

8. Always be a gentleman.

Act like a gentleman and treat her like a lady. Open doors to the restaurant, pull out her chair and seat her, and help her with her coat. Not many men know how to be chivalrous, and this is why it’s so important you show her your chivalrous side from the start. Showing her your good manners will certainly set you apart from the rest of the men she’s been out with.

9. Give her your full attention.

When you are out with her, give her your undivided attention. Emails, phone calls, and Facebook and Twitter can wait until you get home. Don’t talk to others more than you talk to her, and don’t ever leave her alone when you’re out on a date. Of course there are always plenty of people around, but your attention should only be given to her. This doesn’t mean you need to be rude to the waitress or server, but don’t engage them or acknowledge them more than what is needed, especially if it’s an attractive female waitress. Women notice these types of things and you can rest assured she’s judging you on them.

10. Have some mystery about yourself.

You must have mystery without playing games, explains New Jersey Singles. Don’t be available 100% of the time or share your life story like an open book. If you come on too strong or reveal everything right away, a woman will lose interest in you.

11. Always be reliable.

Always show up on time and follow through with your promises. The hardest thing to do is create trust, yet it’s the simplest thing to lose. Calling when you say you will also falls into this category. You don’t have to call and talk for hours, just call her after the date to thank her. Tell her you had a good time and you look forward to seeing her again—it’s really that simple. Almost all women love hearing this. Think about it, you do it after a job interview, so why wouldn’t you want to do it for her?

If you’re having a hard time meeting quality women on your own, contact the matchmaking staff at New Jersey Singles to set up a consultation and start meeting like-minded and compatible women!