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New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Celebrate Christmas with Friends

It’s the most wonderful time of year, for sure, but it also happens to be the loneliest time of year if you’re single.  But if you have friends, you’re lucky.  Instead of staying in and moping around about your single status, why don’t you reach out to your friends who are also single?  Get ready for a fun holiday season with your best friends.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews wintery date ideas to spend Christmas with your closest friends and loved ones.

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1. Have a Christmas movie marathon.

Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Charlie Brown… There are so many Christmas movies playing this time of year, so call up your closet friends, dress up in your comfy PJs, grab some popcorn, and have an all-day Christmas movie marathon.

2. Bake some cookies.

Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit faster than baking some delicious Christmas cookies.  If you and your friends are feeling a little daring, why not bake a gingerbread house from scratch?  This is a fun and delicious activity to get in you the Christmas mood.

3. Buy an ugly Christmas sweater.

We’re pretty confident you have a few holiday parties lined up, or maybe you’re hosting one of your own.  Why not grab the attention of someone you have your eyes on by wearing a quirky Christmas sweater?  Be creative with this one because the ugliest Christmas sweater always gets the most attention.

4. Go to a holiday event.

Whether you’re a concert fan, sports fanatic, or theatre lover, there are plenty of events happening around the holiday season.  It’s Christmas, you deserve to spoil yourself with front row seats, don’t you think?

5. Enjoy the winter weather.

Snow is so magical this time of the year (when you don’t have to drive in it).  After the first big snowfall, hang out with your friends and make snow angels or have a snowball fight.  No snow?  Check out a local ice-skating rink instead.  Just make sure you wear padding just in case you fall (just kidding).

6. Eat, eat, eat.

It’s the holiday season and everyone is entitled to do a little over-indulging in some rich and delicious holiday treats.  Go ahead and have that extra cookie.  Or why not make it two?  Who cares!  This year, forget counting those calories; after all, those fitness resolutions don’t start until the new year.

7. Hit up the mall for some shopping.

Christmas shopping is so much better when you’re doing it with your friends.  After you and your friends shop til you drop, get a Christmas picture with Santa and post it on your social media accounts.  Hey, Christmas isn’t just for kids.

8. Get your nails done or treat yourself to a nice haircut.

Go all out and get a festive mani or a new hairstyle for the festive season.  While wearing red and green a week before Christmas is a must, the holiday mani and pedi will also get you in the spirit.

9. Decorate your place.

Sure, you don’t have a partner to help you decorate your home, but you do have good friends.  Now is the time to break out those boxes and deck the halls.  You can even dress up your cat or dog with reindeer antlers.  The more holiday decorations you have, the better you’ll feel.

10. Spread holiday cheer.

Ride around your town singing your favorite holiday tunes.  Just kidding!  Spread the love by helping those in need.  Gather up your friends and volunteer at a local shelter, soup kitchen, or food bank.  You’ll feel so much better by helping others in need this time of year.

Follow these ten fun ways to enjoy Christmas with your best friends and you’ll quickly forget the fact that you’re single for the holidays.

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new jersey singles reviews

Colts Neck Matchmakers Review the Signs He’s Not Worthy

Finding Mr. Right is not easy.  Sometimes you have to get your heart broken many times in order to find him.  In other words, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince Charming.

While most single women in New Jersey will do just about anything to find Mr. Right, most simply don’t have the luxury of time to search him out.  If you are one of them, then this blog is ideal for you.

Today, our Colts Neck matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service are going to reveal the signs he’s not—and will never be—relationship material.  We want you to know early on so you don’t waste your time and efforts on another frog.

new jersey singles reviews

1. He Never Keeps Promises

It’s one thing to make you a promise, but it’s another to deliver.  If the man you’re seeing promises you the world but doesn’t follow through with his actions, then you know he is just playing you.  A real man will ever promise you something and not deliver.  Real men always stick to their word and never break it for anything.  If he doesn’t follow through, then he obviously isn’t ready for a relationship.

2. He Doesn’t Talk to You

Communication is the number one ingredient to a healthy relationship, and you just can’t have one without it.  He must be honest and constant when it comes to communication, not only in person but in emails and text messages, as well.

As the leading Colts Neck matchmakers, we want you to know that if the man you’re seeing isn’t communicating with you, he’s not worthy of your time.  He should make efforts to call and check up on you, or simply send you a text message to see how you’re doing during the workday.  If he doesn’t make efforts to reach out to you while you’re apart, it’s time to let him go.

3. He Doesn’t Have Time for You

Quality time is very important for creating a strong relationship.  But if the man you’re seeing has more time for his friends, his phone, and his professional life and can’t find any time for you, it’s time to kick him to the curb, because he’s not worth it.

More importantly, not making time for you is his way of letting you know he doesn’t want to commit to you.  Yes, it hurts, but it’s better to realize it now rather than end up with a broken heart later down the road.  If a man is showing you that you’re not a priority in his life, you need to accept it and find someone who is worthy of your heart.

4. He’s Not Good with His Finances

He spends all his money on things he doesn’t really need.  He doesn’t have a penny in his bank account and lives paycheck to paycheck.  In short, he’s not savvy with his money.

While no one is saying that he should save every penny that he earns, he should at least have some money saved up and know how to manage his finances.  A man who knows how to handle his personal finances is mature and responsible.

5. He Doesn’t Have a Backbone

This is harsh, we know, but it’s the truth.  If the man you’re seeing doesn’t have a backbone, then he can’t be in a relationship.  Why?  Because he’ll never be able to stand up for you.

A guy who is relationship-worthy should have a backbone and be able to stand up for you with anything.  He will protect you and shield you from the biggest storms and won’t think twice about it.

6. He Doesn’t Know What Respect Is

Forget about the way he treats you and look at the way he treats others.  If he respects you but puts everyone else down, that’s his true colors coming out.  He is obviously disrespectful to those who he believes are inferior to him.  But know one thing: he will eventually treat you that way, too.

You don’t want to waste your precious time dating him and wait for that day to happen.  If you’re dating a man who has no respect for everyone, it’s time to run in the opposite direction.  Simply put, he’s not relationship material.

7. He Doesn’t Try to Better Himself

Of course he doesn’t have to be better than any of your ex partners, but if he really loves you and sees a future together, he would do anything it takes to better himself.

He wouldn’t do it because he’s selfish but because he wants to be the best version he can be for you.  If you don’t see any signs that he is trying to better himself, despite having a conversation with him about his poor behaviors or lack of motivation, then this guy is not relationship material.  Don’t let his lack of ambition waste your time and efforts.

No boyfriend is perfect, and that’s the truth.  However, if your man is displaying some of the signs we mentioned above, then he is just wasting your time.  If you are ready to meet relationship-minded men in New Jersey, contact our Colts Neck matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let us help you with your search.

New Jersey Singles was created to help busy professional women find their dream man.  We work with women like yourself who are sick and tired of dating Mr. Wrongs and wasting their precious time with frogs.  If you are ready to meet Prince Charming, then all you need to do is call our matchmakers today at 1 (888) 417-0020.  We can help you find the man you’ve been searching for all along!