New Jersey Singles Reviews the Biggest Struggles for Singles

Dating these days is very different than what it used to be. The internet has made meeting people a lot easier, but it’s also made actually finding true love very challenging. Most millennials have heard stories from their parents and grandparents about how they used to date back in the day. You would meet a nice guy through friends or co-workers, at church, or in class, and you’d fall in love with them and get married.

That was about it. People used to get married a lot younger back in the day. Now people don’t even want to get married.

Online dating has been around for many years, but the real shift in how we date happened the day Tinder came into the picture. Suddenly, dating became a minefield of people just wanting to hook up with everyone. You see, it isn’t easy to find love these days.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the struggles many millennials face when dating in New Jersey.

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  1. The Ever-So-Popular Netflix & Chill Dates

This phrase symbolizes nothing but hooking up.  If you Google this phrase, that’s exactly what you are going to find. Any social media fluent millennial knows that if someone asks you to come over for a “Netflix & chill date” that means they only want to hook up.  But what if you just want to have a perfectly innocent, fully clothed movie marathon? You’ll have to make it clear beforehand or risk your viewing partner making a move right when you’re about to reach for pop-corn.

  1. Casual Dating

A lot of millennials have little interest in being in a committed relationship and dealing with everything that comes along with that. And many don’t want to be celibate either. Casual dating has become the norm in today’s modern dating scene, for both men and women. Now that sex is pretty much on the table from the first date onward, it can be hard to tell if someone is interested in getting to know you, or if they just want to take you to the bedroom and have fun.

  1. Constantly Wondering What Else Is Out There

The thing with Tinder and other dating apps is that you’re scrolling and swiping through an endless sea of aces and no one ever seems to be good enough for you. If you say no to this person, there’s another right behind them. It’s easy to find plenty of people to go on dates with, thanks to the popular dating apps.

But actually settling in a committed relationship, that’s another story. Millennials are a generation of people who are never happy with what they have and are always looking for something more, something better. How do we know we wouldn’t find someone better if we just swiped a few more times?

  1. Anyone Can Say Anything from Behind a Screen

Internet trolls are everywhere online, including dating sites and dating apps. They lurk around just to say the most outrageously offensive things a person has ever heard in their life. They have no interest in getting to know you or even going on a date with you – they just want to have fun and take you to the bedroom.

There are also plenty of shallow people online, who will call you names like fat, short or ugly. Would people say this kinds of things to someone they just met in person? Probably not, but in the online world they can. Hiding behind a screen makes them brave enough to lash out.

As matchmakers with nearly 30 years in the business of love, we’ve seen many changes in the NJ dating scene. We’ve learned to change with those changes to help our clients avoid the modern dating challenges presented today. If you are tired of all the struggles you face in the New Jersey dating scene, contact our matchmakers today and let us help you find true love the right way. The person-to-person, face-to-face way.

Let us help you avoid the challenges and help you date with ease. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE matchmaking consultation with New Jersey Singles today!

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