New Jersey Singles Reviews Signs He Was a Great First Date

Are you stuck in an endless, vicious cycle of dating one loser after the next?  We know how frustrating it can be because we work with women every day who tell us that they’ve spent five and ten years looking for great men and still haven’t found them.  These are very attractive and successful women, but they’re just having a hard time finding quality men in New Jersey.  It’s not that the good guys are all snagged up, because there are a few of them left.  You just need to know where and how to look for them.

Fortunately for you, our matchmakers have an easy way to weed out the frogs from the very first date.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews telltale signs you had a great first date.  Listen up, ladies, this is what a good guy will do on a date.

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  1. He actually shows up on time.

The very first indicator of whether you’re meeting a good guy or not is his punctuality.  No kidding here.  We know that things happen all the time, and that no one can prevent traffic.  But if the guy you’re meeting shows up on time, that’s a bonus.  Frogs, on the other hand, will leave you waiting all by yourself and give you a bogus excuse as to why they’re late.

  1. He absorbs everything you say.

If you’ve been on a lot of dates with awful guys, then you might not even remember what it’s like to date a good guy.  Good guys actually pay attention to what you say.  Frogs check out the hot waitress and any other beautiful women who walk past.  In other words, they’re just not listening to you.  It’s a good sign if your date respects you enough to really listen and hold good eye contact with you.

  1. He makes an effort.

A good guy is going to want to get to know you on a deeper level, so he’ll make an effort to ask you questions.  He’ll ask you questions about your work life, your hobbies and interests, and your family.  Frogs will ask you questions—most of which are superficial.

  1. He is nice to the wait staff.

This one is big.  When we say nice to the wait staff, we don’t mean flirting with the hot waitress and flirty bartender.  Otherwise, he’s just a frog.  He doesn’t make unnecessary complaints, doesn’t skimp on the tip, and is respectful to everyone.  Frogs are the complete opposite and will most likely leave you with the bill to top it all off.

  1. He doesn’t judge what you order or don’t order.

Do you ever get stressed out about ordering a salad on your date?  We age it, you’re conscious about your figure.  And the last thing you want to do is eat a burger with greasy fries.  A good guy will never make snide remarks if you order a healthy salad.  Just don’t make a big fuss about your weight or what you eat.

  1. He offers to pay for the date.

Of course, as a successful woman yourself, you can pay for your own meal.  But isn’t it nice when you go on a date with a man who actually wants to pay for the date?  That’s so rare today.  Men today don’t want to pay for the date because they feel the woman should pay for half.  The truth is, frogs usually tend to be stingy and never want to pay for the entire meal.  So if you are out on a date with a guy who doesn’t mind paying for the date, then you definitely found someone worthy of your time.

  1. He mentions going out again.

You know you found a good guy when he mentions going out again but doesn’t pressure you.  He simply mentions it.  He might even suggest doing something you like.  Say you mentioned in conversation that you love a local winery, so he mentions taking you there on the weekend.  If a guy is talking future plans, then he’s a good guy.

  1. He follows up.

Oh, that awkward waiting game that happens after a date can drive women crazy.  That waiting game disappears when you meet a good guy because he’ll actually reach out before you do.  A good guy will usually follow up a good date with a text message or a phone call.

It is so refreshing to meet a good guy in the sea of jerks, players, and losers.  However, from our experience in the NJ dating industry, we know that good guys are few and far between.  But don’t worry, because you can still find your good guy with the help our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service.  We have a large database of successful, attractive, and relationship-minded men in New Jersey who are just waiting to meet you.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.



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