New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Stand Up for Yourself

As you will learn, being a constant pushover harms not only you, but the relationship, as well. In these moments, the best way to deal with an overbearing or manipulative partner is by learning how to stand up for yourself.

How to Stand Up for Yourself in a Relationship

Standing up for yourself in a relationship can be hard, especially if you’re type of person who hates confrontation or is a people pleaser. You think it’s easier to just let everything slide rather than get into an argument and hurt your relationship.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to stand up for yourself in a relationship and stop being a pushover.

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  1. Learn your worth in the relationship.

The first thing in standing up to your partner is knowing your worth. Relationships are symbiotic and both partners depend on each other.

When one party forgets their worth in the relationship, it is easy to feel like they don’t have any say in what goes in the relationship. This can cause you to get bullied, coerced, or manipulated. Knowing your worth is key.

  1. Learn your worth outside the relationship.

Knowing that you have worth outside of the relationship is essential, as well. If you are taken for granted, you can easily feel broken and destroyed from the relationship and be with people who show you no respect.

Some people assume there’s nothing else for them except the unhealthy relationship they are in right now, making it easy for their partner to get their way. Once you make your partner realize that you have worth, they will start to treat you better.

  1. Learn to be assertive.

Assertiveness is positive and constructive while aggression is unhealthy. When standing up for yourself, always take the higher moral stance that moves you in the right direction. Pay special attention to choosing words that will not hurt your partner but rather get the problem solved.

An assertive person holds their own in conversation and stays firms to their beliefs.

  1. Stop being afraid of silences.

There are some people who prefer using the silent treatment to hurt their partner. Don’t be intimidated by this.

If your partner constantly withdraws their affection and gives you the silent treatment, point out that they are being manipulative. This way, they realize that using the silent treatment on you will not work. This will force them to enter into a mature discussion with you.

  1. Learn to say no to them.

If you disapprove of something your partner is doing, don’t be afraid to say no and own that answer. Being a yes man type of partner in a relationship ultimately causes undue emotional distress and feelings of oppression. Learn how to say no to them if you strongly disagree. No matter if it angers your partner or not, you need to stand up for yourself.

  1. Learn to be diplomatic all the time.

Standing up for yourself doesn’t mean you take the role of being overbearing or manipulative. Always try to be diplomatic and take the higher ground. Practice fairness and diplomacy, especially when talking about something where you both have different opinions.

Consider your partner’s point of view and be empathetic towards their feelings, especially during an argument. This way, they will respect you and see you as an equal.

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