New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Tips to Make Dating Easier

The dating scene nowadays isn’t what it used to be.  It’s actually dead.  Every man you meet acts like a gentleman for the first few weeks because all he wants to do is hook up with you.  While it’s easy to think that casual flings only happen on dating sites and mobile dating apps, that’s not true.  They happen in the real world too.  Most men only have one thing on their mind, sex.  But don’t get us wrong, there are a few men out there who are still interested in a relationship.  But finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack.  But don’t worry, we’re not here to deter you.  We’re here to help you out!

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews expert tips to make the most out of your dating life and improve your chances of finding love.

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1. Stop Putting Up a Front

You have always been told to be your true self.  It might be annoying, but it’s 100% true.  If you put up a front or act different, then no one is going to get to know the real you.  Whether you have a love for 80s music, a unique hobby, or a passion for running, don’t be afraid to reveal yourself.

2. Don’t Think Small Talk Is Bad

People act like small talk is the worst thing that could ever happen.  But why?  Small talk is good.  Small talk is a great way to get to know someone new, so don’t freak out if the guy you’re chatting starts off with a little small talk.  Whether he mentions the weather or the fact that the holidays are just days away, it’s okay to engage in small talk.

3. It’s Okay to Talk about Politics

Some people would say the opposite, but we firmly believe there’s nothing wrong with talking about politics.  After all, we live in a very political world nowadays, and if you don’t talk about it, it looks like you don’t even care.  It’s a good idea to mention what you’re interested in and your political affiliations.  This way you can gauge if the guy you’re talking to is on the same page as you.

4. If You Had a Good Time, Do Not Play Games

If you had a wonderful date, why play coy?  Tell this guy that you had a great time and that you want to see him again.  Why play games and stay silent if you made a connection with someone?  Nowadays, making a connection like that is rare.  Women can go on 50 dates before ever finding someone who is halfway decent, so when you hit it off with someone, don’t let them get away.

5. Think Ahead

Can you see a future with him?  Common dating advice will tell you not to get too far ahead of yourself, but we’re not typical—we’re matchmakers.  There’s nothing wrong with wondering how he will fit into your life.  If you can tell that you won’t get along, don’t see him anymore.  But if you feel a connection and think he will be a great addition to your life, then obviously continue to see him.

6. Stick Around If You’re Having a Good Time

There are many theories floating around about how long a first date should be.  Some people say make it under an hour while others say an hour plus.  However, we’re different because we’re matchmakers.  If you spark a connection with him, then you can continue the date for as long as you want.  For example, if you’re done with your meal, who is stopping you from grabbing coffee down the road and walking around the park?

Dating is supposed to be fun, but we all know that dating today isn’t fun, especially with players, jerks, and pigs in today’s dating scene.  Hopefully, if you follow these tips from our New Jersey matchmakers you’ll get what you want out of your dating life.  And if you don’t, you can always book an appointment and let us make it easier and more enjoyable for you.

If you’re ready and eager to find real love, call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your FREE consultation with New Jersey Singles now! We’re ready and eager to take your dating life to the next level and help you find true love!

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