New Jersey Singles Reviews 3 Tips to Plan Unforgettable Dates

As professional matchmakers, we know that men can sometimes get into a bit of a rut when it comes to planning a good date night.  Most of them stick with the usual date ideas—dinner or a movie, or a combination of the two.  But like it or not, those dates can be too predictable and a little bit boring.  To help you get out of your dating rut, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers have come up with three simple tips to make your dates unforgettable.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews quick and easy tips to plan your dates to leave a long-lasting impression on her.

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  1. Make It a Conversation Date

No matter how well you think you know her, there’s always room to learn more about her.  Dates should be fun but should also encourage conversation, so a movie wouldn’t be good for obvious reasons.

Dinners can be a little too formal and awkward, especially for first dates.  First off, some women are a little bit self-conscious of eating in front of a man, particularly one they don’t know yet.  Really, their worst nightmare is to have something stuck in their teeth all night.

You need to plan something that encourages conversation but is not as intimate as a formal dinner date.  When weather permits, do something in the outdoors you think she would like, something that promotes easy conversation.  Mini-golfing, a picnic in the park, or anything else you know would pique her interest, which takes us to our next point.

  1. Find Something She Likes

If you’re looking to create a memorable date, you need to make it revolve around something you know she likes.  Making an effort to plan a date around something she likes shows that you were paying attention when she was talking.  Did mention a love for a love for art?  Plan a trip to a local art gallery.  Does she enjoy wine?  Go winetasting at a nearby winery and enjoy a day in a beautiful location.

  1. Do Something Unique

Planning something one-of-a-kind will pique her interest in you and make the date unforgettable.  Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles want you to sign up for cooking classes, drawing lessons, or pottery classes.  You can also take advantage of the nice summer weather by going hiking, kayaking, or simply throwing Frisbee in the park.

There are literally hundreds of fun date ideas in New Jersey, so there’s no excuse to stick with the played out dinner and movie dates, especially when the weather is nice.

So what do you say?  Are you going to start making your dates unforgettable, or are you going to lose her interest with the same old boring dates all the time?

The above tips are only one part of the equation.  First, you must find yourself a date, which is the hardest part of dating.  But luckily for you, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers can introduce you to mature local singles who are ready to welcome love into their life.  If you’re still looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, look no further!  Let our New Jersey Singles matchmakers find you the woman of your dreams!

If you’re ready to meet quality women in New Jersey, call 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with one of our skilled matchmakers today!



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