New Jersey Singles Matchmaking – Dating Attitudes That Repel Partners

Have you ever wondered why you’re the last single one standing? Have you spent the last several weekends alone at home, while all your friends are out with their partners? Have you ever wondered how that nerd in high school ended up getting married, while you’re stuck spending your time at home accompanied by your cat or dog?

The dating scene is hard and focuses a lot of first impressions. If you have been out of luck in the New Jersey dating scene, it’s time to start wondering if it’s you who is causing your own demise. As terrible as it sounds, it could be YOU who is keeping yourself single.

Most of the time, being single has nothing to do with what you look like or what you do for a living—it has a lot to do with your attitude. Potential partners could be walking away from you because you are unpleasant to be around.

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New Jersey Singles Matchmaking – Dating Habits That Are Keeping You Single!

If you believe that you are doing everything right in the dating scene, it’s time to think again and really assess what’s going on in your romantic life. Today, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts will reveal dating attitude and habits that could be pushing partners away.

  1. Being Too Aggressive

You might have a macho attitude or a “woman in charge” attitude, but try not to be too aggressive when you go out on dates. There is nothing wrong with being in control and grabbing the bull by the horns, but don’t be too pushy or take charge in the dating world. Not only will your dates be intimidated by this type of behavior, but it will also make you look selfish.

  1. Being Too Desperate

One of the worst dating attitudes to have is desperation, especially if it’s obvious and reeks. There is something pathetic about a person who is desperate. You need to enter the dating world without giving it away the fact that you want to be in a relationship. Trust us, if you do, this is going to have people turned off. Sure, you want to impress your partner, but if you try too hard, it will give off those dreaded desperate vibes, and no one wants to be with a desperate person. People will begin to think that there is something wrong with you and that you’re just dying to be in a relationship.

Keep in mind that people are always quick to jump to conclusions. People will begin to ask themselves why, if you’re so all that, you’re still single to begin with. They’ll ask themselves what is wrong with you that you’re not off the market yet.

  1. Being Fake

People can smell a fake person from a mile away, so stop acting fake with your dates. Whether you’re trying to impress a date by talking about football or acting like you earn a six figure salary, fakeness is never the right approach. Sure, it might win you a few points in the beginning, but sooner or later, they’re going to find out. Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts know it’s best to be yourself and reel them in with the real version of you. Be the best version of yourself but never be fake.

  1. Showing Up Late

You’d be surprise how much importance is placed on showing up on time. If you arrive late, people are going to think you’re not interested in them or that you’re disrespectful. Being late once is acceptable, but showing up late to every date is not. Your date will think that since you can’t even make an effort to show up on time, you certainly won’t make efforts for more important things in life, including a relationship.

  1. Bragging

It’s okay to be proud of the things you have accomplished in life, but you need to be modest about those things. No one likes to be in the company of someone who is self-centered. It’s fine to share the things you have accomplished, but remember to ask them questions as well. If you spend the entire time talking about yourself, you’ll come off as an insensitive person.

  1. Excessive Drinking

You are not a kid anymore, so stop acting like one. The whole point of drinking in your college days was to get blasted, but you’re an adult now and that’s not the goal anymore. Don’t drink to blackout and certainly never do it on a date. A glass of wine or two drinks should be all you need while on a date—anything more than that should be saved for when you’re out with your friends. Your date will certainly judge you for consuming too many alcoholic beverages. The last thing you want to do is come off as an immature person who cannot handle their alcohol. Pounding shots should be saved for your next girls’ or guys’ night out.

  1. Being Loud

Sure, if you’re watching a game at a local bar or stadium, it’s okay to be loud and crazy; however, if you’re out to eat at a nice restaurant, you need to be classy, don’t you think? There is no need to behave like a loud frat boy who is trying to impress the bimbos at the bar. Tone down the volume and stop being over the top.

  1. Being Distracted

Another bad dating habit you need to avoid is being distracted when out on dates. Sure, distractions are all around us, but you need to know how to control yourself. From TVs at local bars to phone calls in the middle of the date, be sure not to get distracted by anything. Remember that you’re out on a date and you need to give them your undivided attention. You wouldn’t want them to be distracted, so make sure you’re not distracted either.

The above eight reasons could be playing into why you’re still single. If you can pinpoint any of these things our New Jersey Singles matchmaking experts brought to your attention today, then you need to stop doing these things right away. Assess the situation and make improvements where needed. If you want to find a partner, you must invest in yourself.

If you’re looking to meet quality singles in New Jersey, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles today and let us help you on your search! Simply fill out the confidential questionnaire to get started.

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