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New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Find Love after 40

Whether you are reentering the dating scene after a hard divorce or have yet to find a special someone, dating over 40 can be difficult. But believe us; here at New Jersey Singles, we are a professional dating service that helps mature singles find love every day. It’s never too late to find love!

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Where to Begin the Search

Meeting like-minded individuals can be intimidating, especially if you’ve been out of the NJ dating scene for some time now. Most of the time, the people who are searching for love in their 40’s and 50’s are doing it because their significant other has passed away or their long term relationship or marriage ended. People in this age group are not dating just for the fun of it. People in the 40+ age group are on the market for a serious and stable relationship. The process of dating at this age is about finding security and not committing the same mistakes which were made in previous years. If you are reentering the dating scene again, you must have a clear idea of what type of partner you want to be with. Also, remember that you must get your mind ready for welcoming love. If you are able to love yourself first, it will be easier for someone else to love you in return. Here at New Jersey Singles, this is a concept we help our clients with all the time. Once you’re confident and know your self-worth, it’s a lot easier to date and find a quality partner to share your life with.

Control Things from Your Past

Try to review previous relationships and identify bad patterns of why it did not work out. For example, if you keep getting the same result from relationship to relationship, there has to be something you’re doing wrong. Examine and pinpoint what it is you’re doing wrong so you don’t commit the same mistake again in your next relationship.

If one of your previous relationships made you a parent, it is important to take the relationship into consideration as well. Tell your children that mom and dad will be getting back in the dating scene again. However, you just need to tell them, don’t ask for their permission. One of the biggest New Jersey Singles complaints heard is that their children dictate their love life and we don’t want this happening to you.
Get Back What You Put in

Knowing what you want in your partner might seem like the easiest part of dating, but in reality, it can be a real challenge. You need to write down all the qualities and traits you need in a partner. Forget the physical aspects and worry about things that matter. Remember that physical things will eventually fade away, so you have to get to know someone beyond their looks. Figure out your top must haves as well as your top deal breakers. This is something our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles teach our clients all the time.

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Let Go of Beliefs that Are Preventing You from Finding Love

In the quest of finding love, many people sell themselves short because of having limited beliefs. People in their 40’s tell themselves they’re too old to find love and that they will never find someone because they are stuck in their ways, or they tell themselves they don’t know how to go about dating again. Believe us; here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we make matches daily. Yes, we do, with people just like you, people who are all looking to find love. However, you must remember that finding your ideal partner isn’t going to happen overnight. One big mistake people make is going out on two bad introductions and wanting to give up altogether. Remember that finding someone you truly click with takes time.

Stop Committing Mistakes

When looking for love, many people think that it’s about finding the right person instead of being the right person. The truth is, in order to find a partner, you must be a healthy individual who is available and open to a new relationship. Another big mistake many New Jersey singles make is falling in love with someone only for their potential instead of who they already are. Many people might have the ability to be a lot of things and accomplish plenty of goals, but if they are not actively pursuing those things, they will never accomplish those things. Don’t allow yourself to fall in love with someone just because you see potential in them to be something. Instead, our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles want you to fall in love with someone who already is, someone you love and want to spend your time with.

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Believe You’ll Do It

One of the biggest obstacles we see here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service is the lack value and worth people have for themselves. It’s believing that you’re worthy of having a loving partner, but also believing that a partner will be worthy of having you love them. If you are able to have that type of mindset, trust us, you will find love. If you have been unsuccessful at finding love in New Jersey, it helps to take a look at your own thoughts and belief system. What do you tell yourself happened in your last breakup? You need to create a story for yourself, one in which you are the successful one. In other words, if you do believe you will find love, then in no time you will be successful in finding it.

Make Dating Fun Again

Our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service know that venturing out on your own might seem like a fun idea, but since you have not been in the dating scene for some time now, it may be best to look for love with the help of professionals. We can introduce you to like-minded individuals based on hobbies, likes, and relationship expectations. If you’re ready to meet mature, compatible singles, then come into our office today for a matchmaking consultation. Let us help you turn your love life around… Remember, it’s never too late to find love!
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New Jersey Singles Reviews Their Ultimate Flirting Tips

Meeting and mingling with singles can be tough, but you’re in luck. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews some of their secrets to successful flirting!

Through your dating career you have probably asked many people for all different advice, right? And by now, you know that some of that advice was good, while other tips were downright wacky. If you happen to be new to the dating game and are looking to be successful when it comes to approaching and dating men, we have some helpful tips you’re going to want to know. Today, our New Jersey matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles review our favorite flirting tips, tips that actually work.


Always Be Yourself

One of the most important aspects of flirting with the opposite sex is always being yourself. A man will eventually see through you if you’re putting on an act in order to land him. We also want you to know that the way you flirt with him should reflect your personality. If you are shy, don’t try to be the complete opposite around him, and if you are more outgoing, then it’s okay to be a little more forward with your flirting techniques.

Make the Right Eye Contact

Eye contact is key in order to let a man know that you are into him. Your eyes can really help you send him the right signals. Don’t stare at him like you’re lost, but find a way to make the right eye contact, especially when he’s not expecting it. When the two of you lock eyes with each other, the flirting signals will be a lot more obvious and he should get the hint.

Use Your Smile

Smiling at a man isn’t going to win him over, but it’s definitely an important part of flirting and we want you to use it to your favor. You want to smile at him to let him know that you are interested, but most importantly, to let him know that you are an open and friendly woman. No man on this earth will ever go after a woman who seems cold and detached. Smile at him and he’s more than likely to make the first move.

Find Any Reason to Be Near Him

If you happen to be in a situation where you’re in close proximity to a man, try to get a little closer to him. Sit next to him at lunch, scooch in closer or lean in to talk to him. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know that getting close to a man is important; however, you don’t want to come off as pushy. Remember, everyone has their own personal space and you don’t want to cross those boundaries. Unless you know him very well, you don’t want to cross the line. Once again, if you do, you run the risk of coming across as too overbearing.

Create Small Talk

One way to show a man you have a thing for him is to create small talk. Don’t flood his ears with things that are irrelevant, but talk about interesting things and only for a few minutes. Talk about your day at work and ask him how his was. Making small talk will get you into his mind.

Give Him Sincere Compliments

Just like you, men love receiving compliments too. When it comes to giving a man a compliment, you don’t want to go to the extreme. Don’t compliment him on every item of clothing, every funny remark he makes, or every one of accomplish of his. Your compliment should always be genuine and come from your heart. If you really like the suit he’s wearing, it’s okay to let him know, or if that new hairstyle looks good on him, then go ahead and give him a compliment.

Show Your Curiosity

Along with small talk, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers also know it’s important to let him know you’re curiosity because it will let him know you’re interested. Ask him questions about himself or any question in general. Any man will easily pick up on the fact that you are trying to be curious about his life, which will let him know you are interested in him.


Show Your Playful Side

Laughing is a great way to break the ice with men. If you are able to get him laughing or you’re laughing at his jokes, the flirting environment will be less awkward for the two of you. Make jokes and try to get him to laugh; tell him a funny experience you had and make sure he reciprocates too. Being playful with him is a great way of showing him you have feelings for him.

Drop Subtle Hints

Okay, so you really want to take things up to the next level, but you are not at the point where you can ask him out on a date yet. This is the perfect time to drop subtle hints. Tell him there is a new restaurant that just opened in town and that you would love to go eat there. Or maybe you could mention there is a great comedian coming to town. By dropping subtle hints, he will hopefully pick up and take the lead.

Stay in Touch with Him

When the two of you are not physically near each other, this is where our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles know it’s important to stay in touch. If you have his number, then send him a text message to see how he’s doing. Casual contact will ensure you’re on his mind, even when you’re not together. Of course you don’t want to take it to the extreme either and bombard him with text messages; otherwise, he’ll get annoyed with you.


Dress Nicely

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to flirting. If you want a man to notice you, then know that your appearance plays an important role. Not only should you carry yourself with confidence, but you must also dress the part. Don’t show off so much that you don’t leave anything to the imagination, but don’t be too conservative either. A man will notice a nicely dressed woman who is confident in herself.

Be Touchy with Him

When you’re trying to flirt with a man and you get a sense that he’s feeling you as well, there is nothing wrong with being touchy feely. You don’t want to straight in for a kiss; however, you can grab his hand or touch his shoulder lightly. You can even put your hand on his leg, his forearm, or his back in a playful way. When things get physical, it’s important you don’t go overboard; otherwise, you might scare him away.

If you’re looking to meet quality men in New Jersey, contact our matchmaking experts here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service. Let us transform your romantic life today!

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New Jersey Singles Complaints about Love & Dating 2014


Do you have your sights on an attractive and intriguing woman? Are you unsure how to go about getting her attention? If so, you must play your cards right. Today, the matchmaking team from New Jersey Singles Dating Service will show you how to get her to like you.

Have you been exchanging glances with a woman who seems to be interested in you? Life is great when a woman likes you back, and it can feel wonderful when the two of you start talking to one another. New Jersey Singles is here to make sure things continue down a great path for the two of you.

New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Get Her to Like You

Before the professional matchmakers from New Jersey Singles go into any further detail, you must know that not every woman is the same (and you wouldn’t be interested in this particular woman if she wasn’t different), but not every rule applies for every woman out there. With that being said, even though these rules are pretty standard, it’s up to you to use your best judgment with her. So let’s get to them and get you on your way to gaining her interest!


How to Make a Woman like You

1. Don’t smother her.

Understand that women like to be pursued by men, but not smothered. You never want to suffocate her with your love or come off as too eager or desperate. There is a thin line between pleasing a woman and behaving like a servant, and that line is one you don’t want to cross. If you do pursue her too eagerly, she will lose any respect she has for you.

2. Listen and respond.

The number one complaint women have about men is that they don’t listen. When a woman is talking, you must listen to what she is telling you. Don’t watch her mouth and wander off into La-La-Land, don’t stare at her chest and imagine what she would look like under those clothes, and do not be checking out other women if you’re out together. Really listen to what she’s telling you and give her an intelligent response.

3. Keep things real with her.

Be honest with yourself and with the intentions you have. When it comes to dating, New Jersey Singles knows that being honest is always the best policy. You can’t complain about women not being clear on what they want if you’re not being honest with your feelings as well.


4. Don’t be boring.

When it comes to dating and date ideas, you must think outside the box. If you want her to like you, you must do things fun and unexpected things. You want her to feel that anything is possible when she’s in your company. She’s probably been to hundreds of dinner and movies dates, so do a little research for interesting things to do in New Jersey, things that are out of the ordinary and memorable. There are hidden gems in every city, and there are plenty of things to do right here in NJ; you just have to be creative.

5. Don’t try too hard.

Don’t try so hard to be cool that she feels she cannot measure up to you. New Jersey Singles encourages you to be humble and modest around her. Women do not appreciate men who are arrogant and cocky, so showing a few flaws will make you more approachable and respectable in her eyes.

6. Cut down on the physical compliments.

The only time a physical compliment should be extended to a woman is when you first pick her up to go on a date. She has put a lot of efforts into her appearance and you should always acknowledge that. Tell her she looks beautiful in that dress, then stop. After that moment, all compliments should be general; otherwise, it will seem as though all you’re after is her body.


7. Give her a reason to remember you.

The thing about women is that you must stand out from the rest in order to make them like you. Make her feel like a million dollars when she’s in your company; treat her like a princess and don’t forget to be a gentleman… And this will take us to the next bullet point.

8. Always be a gentleman.

Act like a gentleman and treat her like a lady. Open doors to the restaurant, pull out her chair and seat her, and help her with her coat. Not many men know how to be chivalrous, and this is why it’s so important you show her your chivalrous side from the start. Showing her your good manners will certainly set you apart from the rest of the men she’s been out with.

9. Give her your full attention.

When you are out with her, give her your undivided attention. Emails, phone calls, and Facebook and Twitter can wait until you get home. Don’t talk to others more than you talk to her, and don’t ever leave her alone when you’re out on a date. Of course there are always plenty of people around, but your attention should only be given to her. This doesn’t mean you need to be rude to the waitress or server, but don’t engage them or acknowledge them more than what is needed, especially if it’s an attractive female waitress. Women notice these types of things and you can rest assured she’s judging you on them.

10. Have some mystery about yourself.

You must have mystery without playing games, explains New Jersey Singles. Don’t be available 100% of the time or share your life story like an open book. If you come on too strong or reveal everything right away, a woman will lose interest in you.

11. Always be reliable.

Always show up on time and follow through with your promises. The hardest thing to do is create trust, yet it’s the simplest thing to lose. Calling when you say you will also falls into this category. You don’t have to call and talk for hours, just call her after the date to thank her. Tell her you had a good time and you look forward to seeing her again—it’s really that simple. Almost all women love hearing this. Think about it, you do it after a job interview, so why wouldn’t you want to do it for her?

If you’re having a hard time meeting quality women on your own, contact the matchmaking staff at New Jersey Singles to set up a consultation and start meeting like-minded and compatible women!